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Provide guidance to resellers and customers

In a market confused by OS/2 vs. Windows, RISC vs. CISC, MCA vs. EISA, and so tiresomely on, it may be necessary for Autodesk to forgo our traditional neutrality and provide some real guidance to our user and reseller communities about what makes the most sense.

Clearly, we wouldn't want to do this in a way that impaired our relationships with a wide variety of vendors, but we not only bear a responsibility to our customers to provide an honest evaluation of their alternatives in assembling a system to run our software, it's in our own best interest to have the majority of our customers equipped with optimal hardware and software configurations for our products.

If no better alternative presents itself, and you believe this problem is as serious as I suspect it is, I'd recommend that we create another Autodesk Distinguished Fellow of a heavy-duty programmer and charge that fella with going out into the real world and telling the truth about hardware and software for doing CAD.

Editor: John Walker