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The Vice Presidents of Marketing and of Technology have the following responsibilities:

Review the plans developed by the GMs for strategic growth, to facilitate the negotiations between the Executive Review Board and the GMs on profitability targets (for example, if the VPs concur with the GM on major development efforts needed for long-term success, they would recommend to the Executive Review Board that they relax the profitability needed from the GM to offset the costs of the development).

Seek out opportunities for strengthening the corporation by integrating products across product families (i.e., they would do for the independent families what the GM does for the products within the family).

Seek out opportunities to reduce duplication of effort by business units by initiating corporate development efforts.

Seek out holes in the product family mix which should be filled with new products or product families.

Oversee projects still under development that have not yet been assigned to a GM.

Identify new strategic directions for diversification.

Seek out ways to improve the overall structure of Autodesk.

Editor: John Walker