This isn't an exercise in self-promotion; it's just common courtesy to acknowledge folks who have spoken kind words about our Web offerings and made links to them.

Documents and programs available at this site have been mentioned favourably by a variety of Web critics. Here's a sample of their comments.

I AM Modern Magazine for Moms cited our Earth and Moon Viewer as one of the Top Ten Kid Friendly Websites in October 2008. As our target demographic is sentient beings, it's great to know our offerings appeal to an important segment of that audience!

PC Magazine named Fourmilab one of the “100 Best Undiscovered Web Sites” in their April 2004 cover story.

On February 5th, 2002, computers at Fourmilab completed 10,000 workunits for the SETI@home project, searching for radio beacons of extraterrestrial civilisations, notwithstanding our extreme skepticism that any exist.

The New York Times Science Times cover story of June 12, 2001: Connoisseurs of Chaos Offer a Valuable Product: Randomness by eminent science writer George Johnson featured our HotBits radioactive random number generator.

The Computers in Astronomy column in the November 2000 issue of Sky and Telescope magazine featured our Sky and Craters screen savers.
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The Henry On October 19, 1998 Henry the Virtual Cat awarded The Hacker's Diet a ***** rating: “Wolfed it down like he hadn't been fed for a week”, and the site as a whole the first “Henry” award in months.

Whitley Strieber cited our Flying Saucers Explained in his 1998 book Confirmation , calling it “a fascinating series of speculations…” illustrative of the “wonderfully imaginative thinking that would potentially sweep science and society as we attempted to come to terms with the true weirdness of the UFO and close encounter phenomena”.

In June 1998 The Password named our U.S. Tax Code On-Line a Password Pick in its U.S. Government magazine.

StudyWeb conferred their Excellence award on our Solar System Live on 12th January 1998.

SpaceViews named our our Solar System Live a SpaceViews Space Site of the Week of 6th April 1997. SpaceViews is a monthly publication of the Boston chapter of the National Space Society and an electronic newsletter of the NSS.

Griffith Observatory chose our Solar System Live to receive their Star Award for the week of March 16th, 1997. The Star Award recognises “excellence in promoting astronomy to the public through the World Wide Web”.

Our Solar System Live was named one of the best education-related sites on the Web by The Education Index in March 1997.

Kim Komando's Komputer Klinik named us an Exclusive Kool Site on January 31st, 1997.

LookSmart, a subsidiary of The Reader's Digest, gave us The Editor's Choice Award in January 1997, citing The Autodesk File, Earth Viewer, Solar System Live, Speak Freely for Windows, and U.S. Tax Code On-Line.

NetGuide named us a Gold Site in January 1997, evaluating us, after reviewing more than 100,000 URLs on more than 50,000 sites, as among the 15,000 best sites on the Web.

In January 1997 our Earth Viewer received the BEST HAM award for sites of special interest to amateur radio operators.

Harcourt Brace Professional Publishing named our U.S. Tax Code Online one of The Week's Accounting Top Five Web Sites for the week of August 12–18, 1996.

Space Dog awarded our Earth Viewer the Web Mom's Seal of Approval in May of 1996.

Ventana Press named us a Premiere Site in the second edition of Walking the World Wide Web, citing both our Earth Viewer and Solar System Live.

Ventana Press included our U.S. Tax Code Online as one of their Internet Business 500 Premiere sites—“the top 500 essential business sites on the Web”.

The Discovery Channel featured our Earth Viewer in their Science Web Roundup for February 1996.

The Learning Studio at The Exploratorium named our Solar System Live as one of the Top Ten Cool Sites for February 1996.

New Scientist's Planet Science named us Planet Science's Site of the Day for January 27th, 1996.

Internet Underground magazine named us one the Top 10 sites in the January 1996 issue.

LIFE magazine featured our Earth viewer in their ten year retrospective on the Space Shuttle Challenger accident.

We were named a “4 star site” the McKinley group's Magellan Internet Directory. Visit their site to access a powerful search engine to discover resources on the Web.

Sky and Telescope magazine featured our site and the software available here on the cover of their November 1995 edition.

Our Terranova was named Dynamite Site of the Nite for July 2, 1995 by Thayer Technologies, Inc.

We've been rated among the top 5% of the sites on the Web by Point Survey.

We've been listed on Netscape's What's Cool page for months.

Our Earth Viewer was Spider's Pick of the Day for January 2nd, 1995.

by John Walker