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Lunar “Seas” (Mare)
and “Oceans” (Oceanus)

Adapted from the International Astronomical Union Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

The following table lists all lunar maria (“seas”) and oceani (“oceans”). Click on the name to view the Moon centred on that feature. Longitude in red indicates a far-side object.

Name                Lat.   Long.  Diam. (km)     Translation
Mare Anguis         22.6N  67.7E    150.0        Serpent Sea
Mare Australe       38.9S  93.0E    603.0        Southern Sea
Mare Cognitum       10.0S  23.1W    376.0        Sea that has become known
                                                 (Ranger 7 impact site, 31 July 1964)
Mare Crisium        17.0N  59.1E    418.0        Sea of Crises
Mare Fecunditatis    7.8S  51.3E    909.0        Sea of Fecundity
Mare Frigoris       56.0N   1.4E   1596.0        Sea of Cold
Mare Humboldtianum  56.8N  81.5E    273.0        Humboldt's Sea
                                                 (German naturalist, 1769–1859)
Mare Humorum        24.4S  38.6W    389.0        Sea of Moisture
Mare Imbrium        32.8N  15.6W   1123.0        Sea of Showers
Mare Ingenii        33.7S 163.5E    318.0        Sea of Cleverness
Mare Insularum       7.5N  30.9W    513.0        Sea of Islands
Mare Marginis       13.3N  86.1E    420.0        Sea of the Edge
Mare Moscoviense    27.3N 147.9E    277.0        Sea of Muscovy
Mare Nectaris       15.2S  35.5E    333.0        Sea of Nectar
Mare Nubium         21.3S  16.6W    715.0        Sea of Clouds
Mare Orientale      19.4S  92.8W    327.0        Eastern sea
Oceanus Procellarum 18.4N  57.4W   2568.0        Ocean of Storms
Mare Serenitatis    28.0N  17.5E    707.0        Sea of Serenity
Mare Smythii         1.3N  87.5E    373.0        Smyth's Sea
                                                 (British astronomer, 1788–1865)
Mare Spumans         1.1N  65.1E    139.0        Foaming Sea
Mare Tranquillitatis 8.5N  31.4E    873.0        Sea of Tranquility
Mare Undarum         6.8N  68.4E    243.0        Sea of Waves
Mare Vaporum        13.3N   3.6E    245.0        Sea of Vapors