Evil empires: One down, one to go…

Impress your friends! Persuade the undecided! Meet new and interesting people! Get your car shot up by right-wing yahoos! Be smeared on the front page of The Wall Street Journal!

Yes, right here, right now, you can obtain image files in a variety of resolutions and/or the master PostScript source code for The One, The Original, The Prophetic (July 1990), The Authentic “Evil Empires: One down, one to go…” bumper sticker, anticipating the obsolescence of railroad era continental-scale empires in the information age.

Downloading Image Files

The bumper sticker image is available for downloading in a variety of resolutions, ranging from small images ideal for adorning Web pages (as long as you don't mind them attracting the occasional bullet hole), through intermediate images suitable for screen backgrounds, to hideously high resolution (albeit in files of modest size) for pre-press applications. The links below give the file name, width, height, and file size in kilobytes of each of the available images. You can preview the images in a browser window by clicking the link, or save an image to your computer by right-clicking (or however you pop up the link disposition menu on your computer and browser) and selecting “Save Image As…” or the equivalent to download the image to a local file. The last link in the list is to a Zipped archive containing all of the different resolution images.

All images are in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format, and are interlaced to download incrementally when included in Web pages.

PostScript Page Description

The bumper sticker is defined in the PostScript page definition language, which permits it, when output to a PostScript compatible device, to be rendered with all the resolution the device permits. If you have such a device, or use a publication system which supports inclusion of PostScript illustrations, you can dispense with the images and work directly with the PostScript definition. The link below downloads a Zipped archive containing both a stand-alone PostScript page definition and an Encapsulated PostScript image suitable for inclusion in other documents. Please see the README file in the archive for details of its contents.

I Want It All NOW!

Use the link below to download everything related to the Evil Empires bumper sticker. Not only do you get all the different resolution images and the PostScript source code, this archive also includes the tools (mostly Perl programs) used to produce the images from the PostScript. These tools rely heavily on current versions of Ghostscript and the Netpbm image processing toolkit; unless you have that software installed on your machine, the tools will do you little good.


Play sound
LONE STARR: But, Yogurt, what is this place? What is it that you do here?

YOGURT: Merchandising.

BARF: Merchandising? What's that?

YOGURT: Merchandising. Come. I'll show you. Open up this door. Ha, ha, ha, come. Walk this way. Take a look. We put the picture's name on everything. Merchandising. Merchandising…where the real money from the movie is made. Spaceballs—the T-shirt, Spaceballs—the Coloring Book, Spaceballs—the Lunch box, Spaceballs—the Breakfast Cereal, Spaceballs—the Flame Thrower.

—   Spaceballs

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Disclaimer and Copying

The author of this document accepts no responsibility for the consequences should you publicly display this bumper sticker. The image definition and all derivative works are in the public domain.