Impress your friends! Persuade the undecided! Meet new and interesting people! Get your car shot up by right-wing yahoos! Be smeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal! Yes, right here, right now, you can obtain the master PostScript source code for The One, The Original, The Prophetic (July 1990), The Authentic...



The gzipped TAR archive sticker.tar.gz contains the files:      --  PostScript page description
    sticker.gif     --  Colour GIF image file may be configured, by editing definitions at the top of the file, for output on either a colour PostScript printer or a black and white laser printer, and for either US letter (A size) or metric A4 size paper. This file is pretty vanilla PostScript; any interpreter with access to the required fonts:
should print it with no problems. I've tested it on a 1987 vintage Apple LaserWriter Plus, Ghostscript 2.2 (using Adobe fonts supplied with Adobe Type Manager for Windows), and with Sun "pageview" V3 from OpenWindows 3.0 and encountered no problems.

Sticker.gif is a binary GIF(TM) file of the full-colour bumper sticker, rendered to fit on a 640x480 screen. It looks so good because it was originally generated as a 2550x3300 pixel image then resampled to the screen resolution, anti-aliasing what would otherwise be jagged edges.

The author of this document accepts no responsibility for the consequences should you publicly display this bumper sticker. The image is in the public domain.

by John Walker