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The Eat Watch


My hunger serves me instead of a clock.

--Jonathan Swift, Polite Conversation, 1738  

  Wouldn't it be great if you could visit your local purveyor of electronic marvels and purchase one of these?

You strap it on your wrist, set it for the weight you want to be, then rely on it to tell you when to eat and when to stop. Whenever it says EAT, just chow down on anything you like until EAT goes out. Obviously the EAT indicator will stay on longer if you're munchin' cabbage instead of chugging München's finest beer.

As long as you heeded the Eat Watch, you'd attain and maintain whatever weight you set it to. If you ate the wrong foods or had your meals on an odd schedule you might be hungry, but you'd never be fat. And, with the eat watch guiding you, you'd rapidly find a meal schedule and makeup that banished hunger forever.

The eat watch wouldn't control you any more than a regular watch makes you get to work on time. You can ignore either, if you wish. You decide, based on the information from the watch, what to do.

Some people are born with a natural, built-in eat watch. You and I either don't have one, or else it's busted. But instead of moping about bemoaning our limitations, why not get an eat watch and be done with it?

You can't buy an eat watch in the store, at least not yet. But you can make one that works every bit as well. It isn't a gadget you wear on your wrist; it's a simple technique you can work with pencil and paper or with a personal computer. It tells you same thing: when to eat and when to stop eating. The eat watch you'll discover in this book is simple to work, easy to use, and highly effective in permanently controlling your weight.

The next few chapters lay the background for building an eat watch. The principles on which the eat watch is based are subtle and, although they've been used in engineering for decades, seldom are mentioned in conjunction with weight control. I'll explain them in detail. The road to understanding the eat watch is a long but interesting one. When we reach its end, you'll not only know how to use an eat watch, but how and why it works. Then you'll have the confidence, founded on knowledge, that your weight is totally and permanently under your control.

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By John Walker