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About the Author

John Walker founded Autodesk, Inc. in 1982, and was its president through 1986 and chairman until 1988.

Autodesk, one of the five largest personal computer software companies, has become a leader in the computer aided design industry; its product, AutoCAD, is the de facto worldwide standard for computer aided design and drafting.

John Walker is co-author of AutoCAD and several other Autodesk products, including AutoSketch, AutoShade, and Cellular Automata Laboratory.

His first book, The Autodesk File, was published in 1989 by New Riders Publishing. It chronicles Autodesk's growth from $60,000 pooled by a bunch of programmers to a billion dollar company in less than eight years. Despite good reviews, The Autodesk File never became a bestseller.

So, why not a diet book? If this doesn't sell well, Walker may try a book about cats.

By John Walker