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Causes for confidence

Consider how you, having achieved your weight goal from an understanding of the rubber bag, feedback, and how the trend reveals the true balance of calories, differ from a dieter ignorant of all these ``gory details,'' who, seeing his target weight appear on the scale assumes success is at hand and appetite back in command.

You're armed with data, charts, and direct personal experience that tell you precisely how your body works. You don't have to trust any book, especially this one. You've devised a diet plan of your own, seen for yourself how it worked, and used it to achieve a long term goal many people never attempt.

You've survived an unpleasant experience, shedding weight, and there's no motivation quite so strong as the desire to never endure that again.

You've learned, by riding out the most difficult days of your diet, the distinction between real hunger and simply wanting to eat. You understand how portions at meals must be controlled to match calorie needs, not by a sense of feeling ``full'' while still at the table.

You've stabilised your weight near the goal you set for yourself. Permanent weight control is now just a matter of preserving this stability.

You're beginning to think of yourself as thin and healthy; these attributes are becoming part of your sense of self. Before long you won't consider forfeiting them any more than you'd contemplate cutting off a finger.

By John Walker