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Private and portable

Unlike organised exercise programs or those requiring special equipment, you can begin this program at any time, practice it anywhere, and progress at your own pace without coercion or embarrassment. People who travel frequently usually find their exercise programs disrupted when they're on the road. After a two-week trip, they go back to the gym and are startled to discover how much they've slipped. Trying to catch up in a hurry leaves them sore the next day: hardly an incentive to go do it again! And before long the exercise program lies abandoned.

With this program, that need never happen. All you need is yourself, fifteen minutes, and enough floor space to lie down. You can continue this exercise program in your hotel room, while visiting family, or wherever, and unless you wish to tell them, nobody need ever know.

By exercising in private and keeping track of your own progress, you're assuming responsibility for your own health. If you undertake an exercise program for any other reason, you're likely to fail. As you advance through this program, you'll see your progress and take pride in it. If you put it aside for a time, you'll see the price you're paying reflected right in the numbers, and you can make your own decision about just how much time is worth devoting to better health and longer life.

By John Walker