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By hand

If you're keeping the log by hand and calculating the new trend number every day, when the end of the month arrives your logsheet is already complete. Simply move it from the ``Daily Log'' section of the logbook to the end of ``Monthly Logs.'' Copy the last number in the Trend column of the completed logsheet to the blank above the first day in the Trend column of next month's. Label the new month's logsheet with the month and year.

Next, calculate the rate of weekly weight loss or gain and the daily calorie deficit or excess from the first and last trend values of the month following the instructions on page [Ref]. Finally, plot a weight chart for the month, using the chart below as a model, as described on page [Ref]. Write the weight loss or gain rate and calorie deficit or excess at the bottom of the chart and file it at the end of the ``Monthly Charts'' section of your logbook. Now it's time to look at the chart and see what it means.

By John Walker