Geographic South Pole


Fourmilab South Pole Expedition

January, 2013

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Polar Snowscapes

ANTarctica 2013 gallery image S220.jpg

2013-01-09 15:20 UTC Click images for enlargements.

You need only walk a couple of hundred metres from the South Pole to encounter snowscapes upon which no other human has ever trod. They are dominated by sastrugi, formed on the snow by wind and deposition of snow. These are remarkable to behold, but another thing entirely to polar explorers who had to drag their sledges across them one by one.

ANTarctica 2013 gallery image S221.jpg

2013-01-09 15:22 UTC

ANTarctica 2013 gallery image S222.jpg

2013-01-09 15:23 UTC

ANTarctica 2013 gallery image S223.jpg

2013-01-09 15:31 UTC

by John Walker
February 22nd, 2013
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