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by John Walker

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The Pol-é Si o Sť (Bridge of the 33 Arches) is, at 300 metres, the longest bridge across the Zayandé River in Esfahan. It is supposed to be restricted to pedestrian traffic, but that doesn't deter riders of motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles from zooming among groups of people on foot. If you hear one approaching from behind, the best thing is to keep walking at the same pace and direction, since the rider is probably already setting up to dodge you. The alcoves along both sides of the bridge are often occupied by folks fishing in the river. This photo was taken on eclipse day; as totality approached, all the alcoves on the western side of the bridge filled up with eclipse chasers and their photographic gear. There's no railing at the edge of the bridge but, as far as I know, nobody was jostled over the edge.

by John Walker
August, 1999