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by John Walker

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This imposing gate stands at the entrance to Persepolis. It was built during the reign of Xerxes I (486–465 BC). Persepolis, which originally covered more than 125,000 square metres, was built over a 150 year period commencing about 512 BC during the reigns of the Achaemenian dynasty kings Darius I (Darius the Great), Xerxes I and II, and Artaxerxes I, II, and III. The name “Persepolis” is that given to the city by Alexander, who sacked the city and burned it to the ground in 331 BC. Understandably, you'll rarely hear Alexander deemed “the Great” in these parts. The original name in Achaemenian times was “Parsa”. Today, most Iranians refer to the site as Takht-é Jamshid, or “Throne of Jamshid”, a mythical king of ancient Persia.

by John Walker
August, 1999