Iran flag Eclipse 1999
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by John Walker

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This is a wide-angle view of the central part of Persepolis, taken from the tomb of Artaxerxes II (404–358 BC), carved into a mountainside above the city. Xerxes' gateway is at the very right of the image. At the front are stables and encampments for troops, behind which lie the ruins of the Palace of 100 Columns (only the bases of which remain). The columns of the Central Hall of Apadana Palace, to the left of which lie Darius' Palace, with Artaxerxes' palace at the very left of the frame. Little remains of Xerxes' Palace, which lies in front of Artaxerxes' from this vantage point. The tree-shaded area to the left is the Persepolis Museum in front of which is what's left (nothing) of Darius' large treasury. The original city extends well to either side of this view.

by John Walker
August, 1999