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by John Walker

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Well, I guess salt really is bad for you, if this fellow is any evidence! You've surely heard of mummies in Egypt, and probably about ice-mummies in Austria (or was it Italy…?), but salt-mummies in Iran? This is the head of a mummy found in a salt mine, preserved by dessication by the ambient salt. Besides the head in this bell jar, there's a boot with the remains of a leg protruding and artefacts found along with the body, all in a climate-controlled case in the Tehran Archælogical Museum; each item kept dry by its own supply of silica gel. A complete paleopathological work-up of these remains has been done and is documented in extensive detail in a panel adjacent to the case. Unfortunately, the museum closed seconds after I took this picture and I didn't have an opportunity to note the details.

by John Walker
August, 1999