Lignières: Then and Now

Lignières: Then and Now

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Proceeding along the Rue de Fin de Forel, we encounter this house on the right (Rue de Fin de Forel 6, RACN 010-6456-00115). The style is typical of early 19th century rural dwellings, and the structure was probably rebuilt shortly after the fire of 1832, which consumed most of the buildings in this part of the village. (The building partially visible at the left [Ruelle de la Forge 1, RACN 010-6456-00123] has a keystone in the entrance arch bearing the date of 1833.) At the very right, we see a small portion of Rue de Fin de Forel 4, RACN 010-6456-00225, which we saw in detail at the last stop.

I have no way to date the “then” image, but it appears to be part of the same series as at the last stop. Obviously, the picture was taken in the winter, and dates from the era of wood stove heating, given the pile of firewood at the left and the chimneys on the two buildings. The folks in the window in the “then” picture appear to have over-estimated the resolution of contemporary photography and printing processes; there are two faces visible, but that's about all one can say.

Map of viewpoint

The historical photograph is courtesy of M. Louis Chiffelle of Lignières, who kindly contributed images of his post card collection to the archives of the Fondation de l'Hôtel de Commune de Lignières.