Lignières: Then and Now

Lignières: Then and Now

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Continuing to walk down the Rue des Hautes-Bornes away from the Hôtel de Commune, then turning back in the direction of that landmark and looking to the right and downhill, we see this building, at current address Rue des Hautes-Bornes 3, RACN 010-6456-00234, which predates and survived the fire of 1832. A stone in the northeast facade bears the date 1710 (or maybe 1716), but no other evidence of its date of construction is known. The form of the building and shape of the roof is typical of houses in this part of the village.

The date of the “then” photo is unknown. From the sign, at that epoch it was a shop selling wool and cotton textiles; it is a residence today. The building is attached to the structure partially visible to the left (Rue des Hautes-Bornes 1, RACN 010-6456-00233), about which little can be said except that it dates from before 1872 and has been extensively remodelled.

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Map of viewpoint

The historical photograph is courtesy of M. Louis Chiffelle of Lignières, who kindly contributed images of his post card collection to the archives of the Fondation de l'Hôtel de Commune de Lignières.