In response to erroneous rumors circulating on some internet websites, Fox wishes to assure fans of "THE X-FILES", "MILLENNIUM" and "THE SIMPSONS" that it is not Fox's intention to shut down bona fide websites created by fans devoted to these programs.

However, Fox must require all websites using copyrighted and trademarked materials to comply with guidelines that protect the creative integrity of the programs they represent.

Fox has not asked any websites to be closed except a few which were using program materials in an inappropriate manner. Some examples of inappropriate uses we have found include:

(a) using copyrighted photographs, images and sounds which have not been approved for distribution;

(b) removing Fox's copyright and trademark notices and asserting ownership by a third party, or asserting that copyrighted and trademarked materials are in the public domain;

(c) copying or altering text, photographs, images, designs and logos from official websites without permission or attribution;

(d) copying or altering photographs, images, designs and logos from programs in a manner that denigrates the programs, the actors or the characters they portray;

(e) using photographs, images, designs and logos to promote a product or commercial business or service;

(f) carrying advertising for parties not associated with the programs; and

(g) offering unlicensed merchandise for sale;

We know true fans do not encourage inappropriate activities and respect the hard work of the many talented and imaginative people who make Fox's programs unique. Fox appreciates the support of all fans in protecting its creative rights and proprietary interests.

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