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After an area is cleared, it's important to establish, with a high degree of confidence, that no mines remain. Suppose your back yard were accidentally mined and Joe's Discount De-mining has just closed up shop and asked you to sign the the work report. Are you ready to send your kids out to play there…? Probably not.

As clearance progresses, it's important to mark areas probed to be sure at completion that nothing has been missed.

Operator boredom is a problem. It may seem strange that clearing high explosive mines can be boring, but recall that only one in a thousand detections may end up being a mine. One of the principal causes of casualties in demining is inattention due to boredom, and it can result in casualties after clearance due to gaps.

Livestock are sometimes penned in de-mined areas to trigger undetected mines.

It is traditional that professional demining teams play a football match on newly-cleared terrain before turning it back to the local population. This inspires confidence in all concerned and motivates the team to be thorough in the future.

Remote sensing may be able to confirm that an entire area has been probed or otherwise searched, and identify gaps, if present.