To start the program make certain that the file slalom.exe is in your current directory and type : slalom [ENTER].

The second display page gives a brief description of the experiment. For each run you will see a trace curving around a row of green squares. You may imagine yourself in the role of a skier slaloming around a row of trees.

You have the option of two goals:

If you select High Swing you try to have the trace swing with high amplitudes, slaloming away from the trees in wide swing. For wide swings the color of the trace turns bright yellow.

If you select Low Swing you try to keep the trace as closely to the trees as possible. There is no danger of hitting a tree (which can happen in the similar program "Crash"). For low amplitude swings the color of the trace turns rust red.

A run ends after you have passed 50 trees. The score is positive if you succeeded in your chosen task (wide swings for High Aim and narrow swings for Low Aim).

The next display page lets you enter your options:
Use a positive, optimistic mental approach. Take a moment before the start until you feel relaxed and confident and then press the ENTER key to start the run.

The program displays the Standard Score described in the README file. (Positive values indicate success, and a score of 100 corresponds to one standard deviation).

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