To start the program make certain that the file swing.exe is in your current directory and type : swing [ENTER].

During a run you see a rectangle swinging like a pendulum from side to side. The amplitude of this oscillation, i.e. the width of the swing can change gradually. Your goal is either (Wide Swing) to have the pendulum swing with maximal amplitude over the whole screen or (Narrow Swing) to keep the pendulum with small swing amplitude near the screen center.

The second display screen lets you enter your options:

During the run you see the swinging pendulum, either in a constant color or in colors that change with the maximal amplitude of the current swing cycle.

In addition to the swinging pendulum you see two small swinging points at the top. Notice that the pendulum has maximal amplitude whenever the points swing close to each other and that the pendulum has minimal amplitude if the two points swing against each other.

There is also a small, slowly moving point at the bottom of the screen. If it is located to the right of the center then the average swing amplitude so far was above average. For Wide-Swing aim you want this point to move far to the right and for Low-Swing aim you want it to move far left from the center.

Usually you may want to focus only on the main pendulum, and to ignore the display provided by the upper and lower small points.

The score displayed at the end is the Standard Score explained in the README file: Positive values indicate success in the set task (and a value of 100 corresponds to one standard deviation).

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